Your Comments

“We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help you gave W. and us during the last year. When we first came to you we really were at our wits end on how to help W. Through you we learned so much and even W. acknowledges without you we would have been lost. Although I hope we can go it alone I know you will be there if we need you again in the future. Once again thank you.”

Mrs H. and W. (OCD sufferer age 15)

“It’s not been the easiest last few months for me but your help, support and advice have made a tremendous difference to my outlook on work and life in general, and equipped me to hopefully deal with whatever the future holds”

J (work related stress and depression)

“Thank you so much for all your help and support over the past few months. Especially the bits that involved you licking your shoe and touching toilets! You’ve helped me progress so much and now I’m doing things I never would have believed I could do a year ago”

A (OCD sufferer)

“I cannot descibe how thankful I am for your help. I think about all the different thinking skills I have learnt everytime someone gets me down or even when I rarely feel a panic attack coming on, and it always helps. I’m a changed person”

(J aged 17, panic and health anxiety)

I was suffering from social anxiety disorder and bouts of depression and I was willing to try anything to sort it out. I had Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and it was really reassuring and easy. I feel so much better now and feel much more positve with regard to life in general and I’m really happy how CBT worked out.

J S (Anxiety and despression)

After trying almost every kind of therapy to treat my anxiety for years, discovering CBT finally enabled me to understand and learn how to control my anxiety, panic attacks and OCD. Before I struggled with the idea of going to University and moving away, but a year later after CBT, I’ve applied to Universities quite a distance away from home and feel confident that I will be able cope. Also I’ve overcome phobias which meant I could go abroad this year for the first time with friends, and not rely on constant reassurance from my family. I would strongly recommend Claudia as a CBT therapist, she’s amazing!


When I first went into treatment my symptoms were extremely high and my life was on hold, I wasn’t very positive and thought that I would never get better, I felt very alone and frustrated. However after having treatment with Claudia for my depression I gained so much confidence and became happier than I ever thought I could be, I was a lot less anxious and actually started enjoying life. After a short while I then built up my courage and went back to get treatment for my post traumatic stress. It was hard facing my fears but the support and methods helped a great deal. I can now say my life has changed dramatically. I have a part time job in a popular and busy retail store which I enjoy, I am also at college studying hair and make-up media which I am also finding brilliant and when I’m not at work or college I am enjoying time with family and friends. My confidence has skyrocketed and my anxiety is at a normal level. I can now get o n with life, be happy and have many hopes for the future. To anyone considering treatment, I would encourage you to go for it, because even talking to someone makes the world of difference.

Jennifer, 19 (Post traumatic stress disorder and depression)

I can’t thank Claudia enough for helping my daughter who had my many years been anxious and fretting terribly, getting angry and upset over many things within her life, as well as items of clothing not feeling just “right “. After seeking assisitance through many other areas Claudia I felt was the first person who completely understood and recognised what she was experiencing and through her lovely warm manner made my daughter feel so at easy that for the first time she opened up and explained how she was feeling. With my daughter being only eight its has been wonderful as her mother to see how through her therapy sessions with Claudia she has firstly developed in convidence and through excellent advice, guidence and brillant stratagies she has now over come her worries and obsessions. Thank you again so much.

Allison regarding my daughter Isabel

I saw Marc for anxiety and OCD. I had a lot to work through, but he made it manageable. The best thing was there was no judgement and the level of understanding. I never thought it would be possible to get better. But, he helped me through something which controlled my life for so long in lots of different ways and I can’t thank him enough.


When I first went to see Marc My anxiety was so bad it had stopped Me from doing almost any thing. It was easier to stay in My house than go out and face every thing.I had so many rituals to go through before I could open My door. If I managed to get out sometimes I would have to go back and check everything was as I had left it. My mind was always full of doubt. Since working with Marc I now go out with no problem, do some voluntary work and I am about to go on holiday. Marc has helped me in a totally relaxed and understanding way to get my life back.



I found Marc via Anxiety UK. I was not myself when I went to him after years of suffering in silence. He helped me change my thought process and was always there to talk to and help me develop techniques to deal with my issues. I will always be grateful and would recommend CBT with Marc to anyone who does not feel they are in control or feels like they are suffering alone. Thanks again!



I had a series of sessions with Marc Cavanna in order to deal with Anxiety problems. Marc was an absolute life-saver; he was professional and kind and made it easy to get to grips with the CBT theory. CBT is a very practical method which has proved helpful following the end of my sessions – the exercises are easy to apply (with a bit of personal discipline!) and help you feel in control of your own recuperation. Marc was supportive and proactive in helping my recovery- he was non-judgemental and v pleasant to speak to and made what could have been a very scary process much easier and more ‘dealable’.


The appointments I had with Marc and using CBT really has changed my life. Not only have I not suffered any further panic attacks, I have completely changed my way of thinking and am a lot happier for it. I used to worry so much and let those thoughts control me but now I have the confidence to let them go. I can’t thank Marc enough for the help he has given me and would highly recommend his therapy.



When I went to my first CBT session, I was suffering from depression and anxiety but I had little idea what was happening to me. I thought my entire world was unravelling and that I was going mad. The sessions and the therapist helped me to take a step back, disentangle myself from the mess inside my head and make sense of what was happening to me. The CBT equipped me with skills to recognise my own thought processes and adapt my thinking and behaviour accordingly. I know it’s still early days but it’s helped me to reclaim a big part of my life and myself back. And for that, I don’t think I can thank my therapist enough.



I had CBT with Marc Cavanna over a period of a six months. My reason for attending CBT was to overcome panic attacks and depression. The panic attacks were manifesting in various ways but the main things I worried about were being in a lift, in a large crowd and flying. My mood was incredibly low and my sleep patterns were not conducive with living a full and happy life. During the months that I attended CBT with Marc I progressed massively, taking small steps to start with and setting myself bigger goals along the way. I am now able to go in a lift with no issues and have even attended the Olympics so my fear of being in a crowd has lessened dramatically. I’ve also managed to fly without too many problems. I felt totally supported by Marc every step of the way and really felt like I had someone on my side who truly wanted me to overcome my battles! I would highly recommend CBT and Marc without any question, it’s changed my life and equipped me with skills to manage any periods of anxiety or low mood if they do happen to occur again. I cannot thank Marc enough!



Claire was very supportive from the start and listened carefully to my issues. It was of enormous help to have a kind, friendly shoulder to lean on for a while. Thanks for being so attentive and kind to me.



I would like to thank Claudia at CBT Anglia, Chelmsford for giving me back my fun loving daughter.After a routine operation on my daughter’s pallet 2 years ago ( she was then 16) she was left suffering from severe dizzy spells.This led to hyper anxiety which was worse than the original symptoms. She would not go out & was withdrawn. After various medical assessments we were referred to Claudia 18 months ago. The treatment started with various small tasks that were gradually built up over time. I don’t know what we would have done without Claudia as we didn’t know where to start. We are looking forward to seeing her turn into an even more beautiful, confident lady, who will be happy to take on a world of opportunities.

Forever in your debt.

Juia Coppen

My daughter suffers with severe anxiety. I was referred to CAHMS by my GP but was not happy with the therapy sessions my daughter was receiving. We decided to pay privately and found a great Psychiatrist who referred us to Claudia, what a difference! Our daughter bonded with her immediately, she has such a warm and lovely nature and is really tuned into teenagers. Our daughter was given a programme to follow with goals for her to meet. There was no time restrictions so she was able to do these at her own pace. A year on and our daughter is now back in full time education, is progressing all the time and learning to overcome her anxiety. I cannot thank Claudia enough for what she has done, not only for our daughter but for our whole family. I would reccomend anyone to go and see her.

Nicola Hilson

To think 18 months ago that I wouldn’t even leave the house compared to now regularly going up to London without any fear, seems to me to be nothing short of a miracle! This is all thanks to Claudia at CBT Anglia who has been a rock to me throughout my treatment, offering extensive support to help encourage me through the many activities throughout my treatment in order to prove to myself that the fears I had, were purely all made up of bad thoughts. Each time I moved up the hierarchy of fears I felt such a sense of achievement which really gave me a boost to carry on. Every session was made fun with laughter from start to finish and a sense of complete trust. When I was first told to try this treatment I was very reserved as to whether it would work however now its proved to me the success it can achieve I am recommending it to everyone!

Amy Coppen

From the beginning Claire was extremely patient & friendly. When I arrived I was unsure of what my anxiety was all about and where it was coming from. Claire gave me the tools to help me cope with the day to day and overtime I learnt to deal with my anxiety and panic attacks in a positive way. Im very pleased that i decided to take this action in the early part of my panic attacks without that help I would have been in a darker place.

Thank you Claire for the help


2012 was a particularly difficult year for me. After suffering for much of the year I was diagnosed with OCD and associated anxiety at the beginning of 2013. I realised I was very much at a crossroads in my life. Thanks god I was able to find CBT Anglia and work with my brilliant therapist Claire. I know its cliché but genuinely with her patience, commitment and guidance my life has changed markedly in so many positive ways. I can honestly say that this has been the toughest yet most rewarding thing which I have ever done. I would strongly recommend CBT Anglia.


Just like to say thanks for all your help with my depresion. You have given me some very useful tools to deal with everyday life, and a new and improved outlook on life. Im certainly feeling a lot happier in myself, and for me it didn’t take too many sessions. So my advise would be, just give them a call, go along for a chat, you’ve got nothing to loose, and everthing to gain. Thanks again Claire for all your help and advise.